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At Gateway University, you're stepping into the future of your professional narrative. Here, you will expand your reach, amplify your impact, and optimize every investment of your time and money. We recognize your expertise, the expansive vision you have for your career, and the substantial body of work you've cultivated. Now, it's time to elevate these elements into a lasting legacy.

Your past achievements fuel your progression towards a doctorate that's a passionate project. Your business endeavors and academic aspirations align in perfect harmony, allowing you to advance your education while continuing to engage in the work you love.

Redefined Academic Path
Our innovative approach redefines the academic path. It's tailored to integrate seamlessly with your business goals, transforming the pursuit of a doctorate from a daunting task into an exhilarating journey. We understand that, for entrepreneurs, time spent away from their ventures is not just a loss of income but a loss of momentum.
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 Dr. Lucas Root, Ph.D.
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Establish Greater Authority
As you progress through our program, you'll find yourself becoming an established authority in your field, with each module fortifying your knowledge and enhancing your industry presence. Your body of work doesn't just contribute to your success; it becomes an integral part of your enduring legacy.
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Non-Traditional Track
Embrace the non-traditional track at Gateway University, where your doctorate is not just a goal, but a vibrant journey intertwined with your entrepreneurial spirit. This is where your passion fuels your project, and your business shapes your dissertation. Your investment here isn't just educational; it's the cultivation of a legacy.
Lucas Root, Ph.D.
 Pictured on Right: Dr. Kimberly Marooney presenting Dr. Lucas Root, Ph.D.'s diploma 
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