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May 29, 2024
Your Body of Work
Written by
Dr. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.
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Are you a leader in the field of consciousness who has made significant contributions through your work? Perhaps you've written books, delivered impactful talks, or developed transformative programs. At Gateway University, we recognize the immense value of your experience and offer a unique opportunity to convert it into academic credit.
What is Your Body of Work?
Your Body of Work encompasses the knowledge, skills, and insights you've gained throughout your professional and personal endeavors. This includes:
Published Works: Books, articles, and other publications showcasing your expertise and thought leadership.
Speaking & Teaching: Keynote speeches, seminars, workshops, and courses that demonstrate your ability to inspire, educate, and mentor others.
Program Development: Creating and implementing educational programs, highlighting your innovative approach to learning.
Transforming Experience into Credit
The good news? You don't have to start from scratch! The Post-Secondary Council on Accreditation allows universities to recognize learning outside the classroom. Gateway University embraces this approach, offering a streamlined path for established thought leaders to receive academic credit for their existing Body of Work.
Here's How It Works:
Compile Documentation: Gather materials like books, publications, recordings, syllabi, and anything else that showcases your work.
Submit for Evaluation: Send your documentation to Gateway University. Our expert advisors will assess its scope and impact, aligning it with our credit requirements.
Credit Awarding: Based on the evaluation, you'll receive transcript credit applicable to your doctoral program, significantly reducing your time to dissertation.
Benefits of Recognizing Your Body of Work:
Accelerated Completion: Earn credit for your existing work, allowing you to finish your doctorate faster and leverage your academic credentials sooner.
Financial Advantage: Reduce the number of courses required, saving you on tuition and other educational expenses.
Expertise Validation: Gain formal recognition of your achievements, enhancing your credibility and reputation within the field.
Enhanced Career Opportunities: A doctorate combined with your established Body of Work opens doors to new possibilities, like higher-level positions, speaking engagements, and consulting roles.
Gateway University: Your Partner in Success
At Gateway University, we understand the unique needs of mission-driven entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of consciousness. Our hybrid online and live doctoral program is designed to seamlessly integrate your real-world experience with academic rigor. We celebrate your accomplishments and provide a supportive environment where your Body of Work is elevated to new heights.
Ready to unlock the next chapter of your academic and professional journey? Gateway University is here to guide you. Embrace this opportunity to transform your life's work into a powerful force for positive change, and join a community of like-minded pioneers dedicated to advancing the field of consciousness.
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