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Do you need an Advanced Degree in a field of Higher Consciousness to advance your work in the world?

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Earn a Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate
Are you a leader? Our Accelerated Program for Outstanding Leaders allows you to earn Prior Learning Credit for work you've done in the world!

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Gateway is a global university at the
confluence of humanity and divinity

We believe people everywhere must be supported with the intuitive and practical skills needed to reconnect with something greater than ourselves ~ with Source energy and wisdom. Our role is as a conduit of Spirit.

We offer online and in-person experiential and transformative learning that develops both the human and Divine Self. The Gateway experience builds core competencies for inter-dimensional citizenry.



Your intuitive soft skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to hold space for Divine Presence, and to thrive in the unknown coming forward. These core competencies are the foundation for your work.


With the flexibility to hold higher Presence, you become a valuable leader or team member in any situation, able to bridge gaps, moderate peace, and catalyze brilliant solutions.
Along this journey of discovery with your Divine Presence Activated, earn the credentials, such as certificates and degrees, that you need to expand your influence in the world in practical ways.

Are you one of our students?

Gateway students are mature, busy, productive adults, seeking higher consciousness and self-discovery.

Gateway’s personalized mentoring, distance learning, and flexible scheduling serve students who work during the day, who are raising a family, or who travel frequently.

Graduates become teachers, counselors, coaches, writers, ministers, spiritual healers, practitioners in the esoteric sciences, and spiritual leaders–seeding the grassroots enlightenment of our global future.

We feature soul-centered and student-centered education with integrated curriculum from Eastern and Western, spiritual and psychological, ancient and modern approaches.

Divine Light lives in your heart.
Turn on the Light. Be a radiant force for goodness.
Be a presence of Love. Be a fountain of Joy.
This is your truth, your true nature.

Be the Blessing of Love in all you do,
in every circumstance, with all beings, in all ways.


Earn your Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral Degree in Higher Consciousness

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What our graduates say
Rev. Velma Alford
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Life experience comes together

The experiences of life mean something!

The reward on the soul and educational level is that life experience matters. Training matters. It all comes together in deeper meaning.

Rev. Judith Larkin Reno, Founder of Gateway Community
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The founder talks about her successor, Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney.
First Founders Day Celebration
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Explore Gateway through our 1st Founders Day celebration....
The Angel Ministry Ordination Experience
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Join us for the feeling of sacred loving connection.

"What if each breath, each moment in your life were in a flow of creative ecstasy? You design your degree program to follow your Joy Line, leading to a life of service and fulfillment. And what if you could complete your degree by publishing the book you want to write, or by launching the course you yearn to teach! Gateway Degree programs are grounded and practical while flying high in consciousness. Isn't it about time you step into who you are meant to be?"
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Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney

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